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How To Engage Employees Right After Onboarding

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employee onboarding experience
When an employee joins the organization, it takes them a few months to get acclimatized and adjust to the whole environment of the organization. However, this will not be the case if the new hires are made comfortable with the organization right after the onboarding process. The ... Read More

Sales Onboarding: Why is it important

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If you are looking for new sales representatives then it is your responsibility to provide them with a smooth and seamless new hire onboarding experience that would help them adjust to the env... Read More

What Are The Responsibilities Of An Onboarding Buddy?

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onboarding buddy
When a new employee joins an organization, they may feel lost because they may not know anyone, and everything may seem difficult to them. In such a situation, you can help them succeed by providing them with an onboarding buddy who can understand their concerns and can help them with everything ... Read More