Employee Onboarding made effective & delightful πŸš€

Plan holistic on-boarding experiences

Automate on-boarding from the time you give an offer letter till the time your new hire is successfully ramped up through the right combination of meetings, emails and milestones


Create a 90 day path to succeess

Help your new hire get comfortable at their role by setting the right milestones over weeks giving them access to the right knowledge and information

Track the progress of your new hires

Get a global operational view of all your new hire cohorts to assign journeys and track progress


Send emails, plan meetings, set milestones

sneak peak of how you can build your onboarding journeys in our interactive journey builder

Engage and ramp up your new hires

Design delightful communications

Drag & drop email editor to design unique and engaging emails to match your brand. Use pre-made templates based on best practices to kick things off

Leverage our role based templates

To get you going, we've created unique role based templates leveraging industry best practices to customize and use across teams

Holistic on-boarding beyond the paper trail

Hiring managers and the HR team collaborate together to create a Journey that gets their new employee connected to the culture and setup for success

Automate and track

Assign Journeys to new hires and track their progress over time while Squadsy automates your on-boarding making scaling your company easy

A strong on-boarding process can improve your employee retention by 82%

We're here to help you achieve that!

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Have a growing team? is it distributed or remote? This is perfect for that

$50/ per new hire
  • Create journeys with emails, meetings and goals
  • Create role based journey templates
  • Track new hire on-boarding journey progress


Looking for that extra help? We've got you covered

$70/ per new hire
  • All features from the Growth plan
  • Leverage role based templates customized for your needs
  • Premium support and solutions consulting

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