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People Experience Platform

Retain great talent by reimagining onboarding, family leaves, promotions & offboarding


No more spreadsheets.
Get a bird's eye view of pre-boarding to 30/60/90 days

Our Journey Builder offers a visually interactive canvas for your team to design end-to-end preboarding and onboarding journeys

Make the onboarding experience as seamless and great for employees across the world!

No more manual work sending out the right notifications at the right time to the right people

Craft Email and SMS message templates conveying the right information through bite-sized content

Design on-brand responsive web experiences with information about your company culture for your new hires using our Landing Page Builder

Scale onboarding using custom tokens ensuring a personalized experience

Stop missing deadlines due to lack of visibility

Assign tasks to HR Managers, Buddies, IT teams and other stakeholders

Get a bird's eye view of your onboarding operations

Get your employee's feedback and sentiments about the onboarding process

Take your onboarding beyond mere paperwork

create actually delightful, branded experiences that represents your culture

Powerful insights on employee engagement

Engagement Score to measure the pulse of employees currently being onboarded

Onboarding dashboard to get a quick snapshot of all onboarding activities

Learn what's working and what's not

Get a quick zoomed out view of onboarding operations over time

Learn which content resonates with your new employees.

Track your onboarding team's impact on improving new employee engagement time

A well designed employee onboarding program can increase employee retention by 82%

Give your employees the amazing onboarding experience they deserve with our services!!


Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll pay

Get access
  • Unlimited contextual automated onboarding journeys
  • Unlimited Emails, SMS,Tasks, Pages, Meetings
  • Surveys to get feedback on your onboarding experience
  • Branded Employee Portal and Pages to deliver rich content
  • Scalable Personalization via custom tokens
  • Onboarding dashboard and Engagement measurement
  • In-depth Reports and Analytics over time
  • User Management Tools
  • Onboarding Journey Templates
  • Journey building support sessions
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