Employee Experience Manifesto

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We strive to empower companies to support employees during key moments that matter

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We believe that creating great employee experiences is a team sport that depends on amazing collaboration across teams

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We believe that design thinking methodology has great potential to unleash the creativity of HR teams to help companies design great employee experiences

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We strive to empower HR teams through creative tools to create delightful content that expresses the culture of the company

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We believe that employee experiences need to be scalable yet delightfully hyper-personalized and relevant

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We believe that every employee irrespective of role or location deserves an amazing employee experience

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We believe that great onboarding starts right after an offer is signed day and can last upto 180 days

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We believe that continuous feedback loops are very important in improving and iterating on employee experience

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We believe in enabling HR teams to understand the effectiveness of employee experience

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We strive to shape the future of work which is remote, distributed and diverse.