Why You Should Go For A Longer Onboarding Process

long onboarding process

If you have been planning on improving the existing onboarding process at your organization, you may also consider changing its existing duration. For instance, the employee onboarding process right now may be quite short. But as time progresses, you need to understand the importance of a longer onboarding process. This is because it would help your new employees become more successful. Various factors should be considered and these factors would help you understand why having a longer onboarding process is essential.

A comprehensive process

When you increase the length of the onboarding timeline, the new employees will not feel stressed about becoming super productive just in a few days. This would help them feel confident and learn about the practices in a much more convenient way. But when you do not do so, employees might feel anxious and productivity will also be affected. Keeping the onboarding process a minimum of 90 days and should ensure that you help the employee in every way possible. And when you invest more time in onboarding the new hire, they will easily get adjusted to the team members.

Improve employee retention

If you wish to improve employee retention at your organization, you need to understand how you can do so. Various employees leave organizations because they do not understand their job responsibilities and company culture. So, giving them a long time for new employee onboarding would help them understand everything effectively and also become a part of the organization easily. 

Improve knowledge retention 

When any person joins a new organization, they are overloaded with a lot of information. But new hires will only be able to retain surface level knowledge and insights that they gain during the first few days. Most of the knowledge is gained over the course of the first year through practical learning. Providing employees with ample amount of time to understand those ideas and use them in the best way possible improves productivity..

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