Why The Onboarding Experience Sometimes Fails To Interest The New Hire

employee onboarding process

Do you know that around 6 out of 10 HR managers have noticed that a new employee resigns in the first few months because of not providing an up-to-the-mark onboarding experience? But one may feel confused because there are a lot of aspects in it and one can go wrong in anything. What you must have noticed is that finding the right candidate is an utterly difficult job which involves several steps such as advertising for finding the candidate, interviewing different candidates, and then finalizing a candidate that would be suitable for the position according to the pay scale and the requirements of the organization.

But what most HR managers fail to understand is that their work does not finish once the new hire joins your organization. This is when their real work starts. You need to make your employee onboarding process so interesting, engaging and efficient that the new hire immediately feels like an integral part of the organization. And after the onboarding program is over, you also need to check whether it was effective or not. What you may be considering perfect may not be working for the new employees that well. However, if you have noticed that your onboarding process has failed to interest new hires in the past then there may be a few common reasons behind them. We have listed some of them down below.

·         No human touch

When the new hire joins the organization, you may be streamlining your new employee onboarding program to make them aware of their duties and provide them with all the knowledge required for performing it perfectly. While your goal is to make them productive members as soon as possible, you should also ensure to make them feel important and welcome in the team. For instance, you can organize a team activity during their first few days or can also assign them a buddy who can answer their silly but important questions efficiently.

·         Very less duration

According to you, how long should the onboarding program last? Most HR managers would say that it should ideally end after the first month of joining. This is where the problem lies. If you believe that an employee has become a part of the organization and is functioning properly, you should continue the onboarding process. This is because they may feel out of place and may not be able to express their feelings properly. According to research, a new hire may take around eight months to become a productive member of the team. If you are planning to make your onboarding process successful, you must keep checking in with the new hire until they complete one year with the team. With this approach, you will be able to retain more employees than ever before.

You can also improve your onboarding experience by using onboarding automation software. You can find such tools by contacting Squadsy. We can help you decide the right duration of your onboarding program and can also ensure that all the steps are completed on time. This will result in increased employee retention and better employee satisfaction in the long run.

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