What Should Your Welcome Program Be Like For A New Employee

new employee onboarding experience

We all know how important it is to provide new hires with an effective new employee onboarding experience. However, this does not mean that you can completely remove a welcome program. The welcome program is also equally important and holds great significance. Once the employee has signed the contract and accepted the offer, you need to start planning what the welcome program would be like.

This is because it is extremely important to provide them with an outstanding experience. The welcome program provides the new employee with some important information and some contacts that they will need.

All these resources will be extremely important for the new hire because they will help them in performing their job with utmost perfection. The welcome program will ensure that they become a part of the organization and start feeling comfortable in it. If you do not know how the welcome program should be designed then keep on reading to find some of its necessary components.

·        Introduction to the onboarding plan: 

When the new hire joins the organization, you should not keep them uninformed about the employee onboarding process. Instead, you should take some time out to walk them through the different stages of onboarding. This will make them feel that your organization is concerned about their new hires and wants to onboard them successfully. This will help them in preparing well and streamlining their efforts in completing the stages on time.

·        Login information: 

Most companies have their portals where the new hire has to log in on the first day of work. Such IT information should be handy and should be provided to the new hire on time. They should also be introduced to the IT team so that they can ask any doubts or queries to them directly. You should ensure that they successfully log in to their email.

·        General information: 

Every employee likes to learn some basic information about the organization before joining the company. So, you should inform them about things like the lunch hours, working hours, and all such information well in advance. You should also discuss any sign-in process or all the amenities that the workplace has. All this information may not seem very important but it is surely very valuable for a new hire.

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