What Should Be The Ideal Procedure Of Crossboarding?

employee crossboarding

Adding new employees to your team is always a long procedure. However, in today's time, HR professionals have started working on the principle of crossboarding. What crossboarding means is basically hiring members from another team for a new role or position in a different team. This has worked in the favor of several organizations because an existing employee is already aware of how the organization works. So, it is relatively easier to help them get on board with the new team and they start providing the desired results in less time than any new hire. Therefore, a lot of organizations have started working actively on crossboarding.

However, the most important thing that one should know is the procedure of crossboarding. How one performs the procedure matters the most and can completely transform the entire experience for the particular employee. So, we have listed down the few steps of the employee crossboarding procedure.

1.      It is important to start with a brief staff training session which includes revisiting the company’s values, goals, and other important things. This can help the employee remember these important things for a long time.

2.      A meeting should be done between the previous and new team heads of the employee. This meeting can prove to be extremely beneficial because a lot of important information can be exchanged between both of them like the employee’s strengths

3.      It is crucial to help them understand the expectations of the company from the particular role that they are being given. They should clearly be informed about their responsibilities, duties, and the goals that they need to achieve while they work in the particular position. They should also be advised to focus on giving their best with utmost patience and focus for the first few months.

4.      They should be asked for reviews from time to time. These reviews should be as frequent as they are for the new hires. This is essential because you must be aware of how well they have adjusted in the team, what areas they are lagging in, if they require any additional help, if they can fulfill the company's requirements, and so on.

5.      They should be professionally introduced to their new team members even if they know them from before. This is important because they may not feel comfortable in starting with a team that does not recognize them professionally and does not know which position they will be working in.

6.      They should be appointed a teammate that can accompany them for a few days until they get comfortable with the work environment and other team members. This can prove to be helpful in the first few days until they completely settle in.

7.      It goes without saying that an employee is provided a new role only if the team sees something unique in them. If they are an asset to the organization then they should be provided with a new set of goals for their further development so that they can give their 100% to the organization and can also keep improving themselves throughout this process.

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