What Are The Responsibilities Of An Onboarding Buddy?

onboarding buddy

When a new employee joins an organization, they may feel lost because they may not know anyone, and everything may seem difficult to them. In such a situation, you can help them succeed by providing them with an onboarding buddy who can understand their concerns and can help them with everything efficiently. Moreover, with a buddy, it becomes much easier to get answers to even their silliest questions because they will not feel anxious about asking them anything. But the onboarding Buddy should be chosen by the managers responsibly because they will have to do a lot for the new employee. But how will you decide what the responsibilities of the new employee onboarding buddy are? We have listed some of them down below.

Introductions to the team

The onboarding buddy is someone from the new employee’s team. This is essential because this can help them get familiar with the team in no time. So, the buddy should ensure to introduce the new employee to the team members. This is important because once they are introduced formally and get familiar with the team, it will be easier for them to work efficiently. Further, it is equally important that they introduce new team members to cross-functional stakeholders.

Inclusion to social activities

There may be a lot of social activities taking place in the organization. For instance, the team members may be going out together for lunches, and coffee, or sometimes may also be organizing some informal outings just to bond better with each other. So, the new employee may feel nervous about going on such social activities. But when the pre onboarding buddy will include them in these activities and will accompany them everywhere, it will become quite seamless for them to adjust to the team.

Sharing company values

The HR professionals may share the company values with the new employee. But what it means in real life can easily be understood by the new employee with the help of their onboarding buddy. The buddy can help them understand these values in easy language and also implement them in the best way possible. So, the buddy can help them with company values, vision, and goals also. 

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