Top Three Issues of Onboarding Process Affecting Employee Retention

Top Three Issues of Onboarding Process Affecting Employee Retention

New employee onboarding is of the utmost importance for any organization. This ensures that new hires feel welcomed and valued in the new organization and team.

Onboarding is also important to retain the new hires long-term in the organization. 

But several HR professionals are facing the issue of employee drop-outs. If you have read our previous blog for employee drop-out reasons, you might connect with those reasons. But have you ever thought about what could be the top three issues with the onboarding process that is affecting your employee retention? Let’s take a look at those reasons. 

  • Lack of Engagement

As an organization, it is important to engage your new hires by making them feel enthused and excited about their new job role. But most onboarding processes lack the element of engagement that make the new hire feel a part of the organization. 

This lack of engagement can create a negative experience and dissatisfaction in the new hire resulting in the drop-out of the employee. 

The most important thing to ensure that you have a higher engagement rate is finding easy and effective ways to engage the new hire such as virtual team meetings, virtual coffee chats in the team, and more. 

  • Turnover

Another issue any organization faces is the increased drop-out rate. This happens when a new hire drops out of the job role due to a negative onboarding experience. 

This can increase the overall costs of hiring new employees at any organization. Moreover, it can also leave several job positions empty for long periods. This can affect the working efficiency of the teams. 

The best way to tackle this issue is by strengthening the overall onboarding system for your organization. 

  • Efficiency

This issue is directly connected with the two previous issues. The more time it takes to process a new hire, the higher the chances of dropping out. 

The biggest reason is extended paperwork that creates a negative experience for the new hire. The best way to tackle this issue is by implementing a paperless onboarding process. This can be achieved by using cloud-based software that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. This makes the whole onboarding process simple, quick, and increases efficiency.

If you want to discuss the importance of onboarding process further, you can get in touch with us at Squadsy. We are always working closely with HR professionals to find new ways to enhance the onboarding process.

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