Three Ways to Promote Your Onboarding Experience to Boost Recruitment

new hire onboarding experience

You might have always heard that having an outstanding onboarding system is crucial to retaining your employees long-term. Now, this is not just hearsay, it is absolutely true!

But do you know that creating an exciting new hire onboarding experience can also help your organization’s recruitment? Yes, that’s right!

Having a fantastic onboarding experience can affect the recruitment of your organization. How? Well, you might start getting more quality candidates for different job roles.

But this is only possible if there is a talk about the onboarding experience in the market offered by your company. This is possible when you market your onboarding process and experience of new hires effectively.

How can you achieve that?

Here are a few ways that help you promote your onboarding experience process in the market to boost recruitment.

  • Blog article with Q&A

Does your organization have a blog? If so, you have a great outlet at your fingertips. You can curate a Q&A from your new hires and hiring managers to create a blog article.

The Q&A must highlight crucial parts of the onboarding process such as any great quotes from new hires or any part of the process they really liked, or a part of the process that set them up for success in the organization, and more.

Also, make sure you keep updating the blog article every 6 months.

  • LinkedIn campaigns

The social media giant that not many companies think of utilizing but they should! And organizations can find quality candidates for new job roles on this platform.

Also, it is a great platform for your organization to market your new hire employee onboarding process. You can do so in two ways:

1.     You can either post a few amazing images along with a feedback that your new hires have shared.

2.     Or you can post onboarding videos. All you need to do is ask your new hires to create short videos that can be edited together to build a striking video for LinkedIn.

Leveraging the power of LinkedIn will certainly work in your favor!

  • Motivate your new hires to share

Promoting your onboarding experience needs efforts from your new hires too. And you can motivate them to talk about the onboarding process in the following ways:

1.     Send them a small gift after the first week of onboarding. This will come to them as a welcome surprise and prompt them to share it on LinkedIn or Instagram. This might be accompanied by a small note from the new hire appreciating your gesture.

2.     Allow your new hires to do an Instagram takeover of our organization’s page. (Of course, under guidance!). This will allow them to post content that resonates with their journey and hence share it in their personal network.

3.     Lastly, everybody likes to take a few pictures on their first day or week of the new job. Ask your new hires to share these snaps and tag the organization along with a note.

This will promote all good things about your organization’s onboarding experience on social media thus boosting your recruitment.

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