Three Phases to Divide New Hire Onboarding Process

Three Phases to Divide New Hire Onboarding Process

Remember your first day as a “newbie” at your job? How dreadful that might have been to start a new place with so many expectations to fulfill? Or maybe you might be one of those who wanted to just get the ground running? In both cases, the new employee onboarding process is crucial to make the new hire valued and respected.

And as an HR professional who might have received a mediocre or no onboarding process as a “newbie”, you must make sure that you don’t let that happen to future new hires.

A streamlined and organized onboarding process will make sure that new hires have a positive experience on the first day that is carried through their overall tenure in the organization. Here are three phases to divide the onboarding process for efficient implementation.

  • The “Hype” phase

This phase starts before the new employees even enter the office building. The “Hype” phase is meant to motivate and energize the new hire for their new job. The phase is also meant to help the new hire feel welcomed to the organization.

In this phase, you can create interactive and engaging content that will also give the employees information about the company culture, vision, mission, and brand positioning.

Another thing that can be achieved in this phase is gaining more information about the new hire. A short survey will help managers know more about them before starting their first day.

  • The “Immersion” phase

The next phase of the employee onboarding process will be the “immersion” phase. This phase starts on the first day of the new hire and is an HR-heavy day.

The “Immersion” phase allows HR to deploy all the information to the new candidate. But make sure that you don’t overload the new hire with too much information. The best way to ensure that all the information is deployed without too much hassle is to have automated onboarding software.

Such software makes the information available to the candidate easily. The new hire can grasp and set their future goals at their own pace. Such software helps the new hire “immerse” in the onboarding experience.

  • “Cultivate” Phase

The final phase of the onboarding process is the “cultivate” phase that is meant to reassure the candidate about making the right decision to join your organization. This is also the phase when the candidate will implement the knowledge gained during the immersion phase.

Cultivate phase is also the phase when the new hire’s talent can be nurtured and harvested. This phase also sets the future development and performance growth journey for the employee.

You can easily achieve these three phases of new employee onboarding using Squadsy. We’re in conversation with HR professionals constantly to enhance the features of the software. Get in touch with us now for more information.

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