Six Steps to Make Effective Welcome Videos for New Hire Onboarding

automated employee onboarding process

Most organizations these days use automated employee onboarding process software. One of the striking features of such onboarding software is a welcome video from the CEO or a senior manager.

A welcome video is a great way to personalize the onboarding process and make the new hire feel more valued and integrated into the team. However, most organizations struggle at making an appealing and effective welcome video. Are you struggling too?

Here are the steps you should follow to make a striking and effective welcome video for your new employees.

  • Select and prepare your interview subject

Start by selecting and preparing your interview subject. Choose someone comfortable talking in a social setting. It can be a senior manager, branch manager, or even the CEO.

Prepare them for the interview. Tell them what the video will be used for? Who will be the audience? When will the shoot take place? This helps ease their concerns and paves the path for  a more candid output.

  • Tell the right story

Instead of giving your interview subject a long script, break it down into small chunks. For example, a typical welcome video script must contain a short introduction, short history, business values and vision, and a final thank you note with the best wishes for the future. Ask open ended questions about the employee experience that stir the memory of the employees interviewed. 

  • Equipment

When it comes to creating a welcome video for creating a new hire onboarding experience, there are several ways to go about it. A good quality camera and sound equipment are a must if a professionally filmed public relation video is the goal. Or an tlernative is to collect self captured responses from the interviewees who can share video files after filming on their phone . The latter is more suitable for a candid yet moving output.

  • Choose the right location

Next comes choosing the right location for shooting the welcome video. Make sure to choose a location that gives you ample natural light. This will reduce the need for putting artificial lights and thus your expense.

  • Editing

Finally, once the video is ready, you need to edit it. This will include editing the color, brightness, saturation, and more technical elements of the video. You also need to edit the parts that you can’t use and more.

That’s how you can create a high-quality welcome video for your new hires during initial onboarding. If you want to talk more about the onboarding system and how to make it more efficient, get in touch with us at Squadsy! We will be glad to be of help.

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