Six Onboarding Trends You Should Look Out For!

buddy program for new hires

If there’s one thing we can agree with recent professional trends, it is that the 2020 pandemic has drastically changed the way you carry out hiring. Onboarding and offboarding have become an important part of the hiring process.

However, in the future, there are certain other onboarding system trends that you should look out for. These trends have already made their way in 2021 and are here to stay!

  • Longer onboarding journey

It has been observed new hires who have a longer onboarding journey that lasts more than 1 month is 34% faster to adapt to the role. This in turn helps decrease the turnover rate is reduced by 25%.

One of an organization’s key goals are certainly wanting to reduce the hiring rate and increase your retention.

  • Mental health support

New hires feel more pressure and need to prove their worth and value in their new job role and organization. Hence, they need more mental health support to achieve work-life balance.

Getting subscriptions to mental health management applications has been a recent beneficial trend. In fact another well known idea to combat this challenge is  if you have a buddy program for new hires, it can ease their anxiety and pressure.

  • Vertical hiring programs

During the pandemic, most organizations experienced a hiring freeze. In times like these, the organization needs to make use of its existing resources to the fullest.

Vertical hiring programs allow you to shift your focus on your existing employees and find the right talent for new roles. However, these internal talents will need different onboarding processes to get them settled in the new role.

  • Prioritize social connections

Yes, the pandemic and remote working has made it difficult to maintain and create social connections. However, HR professionals need to increase their efforts to build and strengthen social connections amongst new hires.

Organize video ice breakers, get-togethers, and team-building activities.

  • Importance of preboarding

With the pandemic still in effect, organizations will look to increase the productivity of new hires. And that’s where preboarding becomes a crucial step for new hire onboarding.

Even before the new hires start their first workday, they must be completely informed about their job role and company profile, and culture. This way they can become easily integrated into the role and team.

  • Using full-service digital onboarding software

Finally, there is a rising trend amongst organizations to use automated onboarding software. This software makes it easy to streamline the whole process. At Squadsy, we deliver advanced and robust onboarding software to organizations.

We are in a constant conversation with HR professionals and hiring managers across different organizations seeking new insights into onboarding. This allows us to create extended features in the software for the ease of organizations and new hires. Connect with us now to know more.

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