Six Crucial Components Every Onboarding Program Must Have!

Six Crucial Components Every Onboarding Program Must Have!

No matter the type of company, onboarding new candidates is of the utmost importance. But not every new employee onboarding program will be able to deliver things that it promises.

But it must, only then an organization can retain its employees long-term. And if you believe the latest statistics, 32% of candidates leave their job in the initial days because of ineffective onboarding.

So, even if you have an onboarding program in place, you need to ask yourself, whether the program is effective or not. If your program doesn’t have the following six crucial elements, maybe it is time you should include them and restructure the whole process.

  • Structure

From the very first day, a new candidate will be happy to have some structure for the job role. This will give them a sense of direction in the job along with boosting their productivity. New candidates will want to know things like the duration of the onboarding process, the training process, the team, the recent Covid measures, and more.

The onboarding program must have all this information in a structured format making it easy for the new hire to understand and be streamlined.

  • Job role clarity

The second most important component of the onboarding is telling the new hire the exact expectations and responsibilities of the job role. This will help them to set the goals for the job along with understanding the key performance indicators.

This is one of the ways to motivate the new candidate to perform and avoid sudden dropping out from the position.

  • Company culture

Conveying the company culture and easing the new candidate integration is another crucial element of the onboarding system. This can be easily achieved by creating a mentor program resulting in a personalized experience.

The mentor program will make the new hire feel comfortable, respected, and valued allowing easy integration into the company culture and the team. Other ideas such as coffee talks or q&a sessions with leaders can be organized during the orientation process

  • Compliance

Documentation and compliance training is an important component of the onboarding process. This is a must-have process for keeping organizations and individuals out of legal troubles.

One of the ways you can make compliance easy is by using automated onboarding software. Such software will take complicated compliance paperwork out of your hand and will keep them up to date.

  • Right tools and learning

When a new candidate starts working at any organization, there can be an information overload along with the requirement of new tools for the job. During the onboarding process, you need to ensure that the information is transferred in smaller chunks to not feel overwhelming.

Moreover, providing the right tools for the job role is crucial too. The new candidate must have everything at their disposal to start working. If they need training for some aspect of the job role, make sure to enroll them right away.

  • Remote working

With the recent pandemic, remote working has become an option for employees. Make sure your onboarding process can expand itself to accommodate remote working.

Be open and transparent about covid measures that your organization will take when you call back your employees for in-office working.


Having these six elements in your onboarding will completely transform the process and help you retain your employees longer. At Squadsy, we are always in conversation with organizations and HR professionals working to find newer ways to enhance the onboarding process. Get in touch with us now to know more.

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