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Preboarding is crucial to new employee success

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Preboarding is crucial to new employee success

Imagine this - Your team has been working diligently the past few months in finding the right candidate for your Marketing Director role. After many ups and downs with several great candidates not working out, you've finally found your candidate and your entire team is really excited to have found them. Ah! You send them the offer letter - Will they accept it? They do, yay ! Success! Is it time to rest? No!

Most companies stop their efforts once an offer letter is shared and move on to filling their other vacancies. There is often a gap of a month or so from the day the offer letter is sent to the first day . From an employee's perspective, their excitement lowers over time when there's just radio silence on the other end and they end up feeling unprepared or unsure what to expect on their first day.

There is tremendous energy when an employee accepts an offer - it usually marks the beginning of a new chapter in their career. Leverage this during the preboarding phase by keeping proactively engaging them throughout this period. Give your new hires the welcome they deserve. Some goals you might want to consider are

  1. Introduce the new hire with their new team and colleagues
  2. Get the new hire aligned with your company's mission
  3. Speed up your key operational paperwork related tasks
  4. Get them prepared for Day 1

It takes a village to get to your goals. Lets take the role you just filled - Marketing Director. One of the crucial stakeholders in successfully onboarding them would be their immediate team members. Collaborating up with a new hire's manager in designing their journey has numerous benefits because lets face it, there's so much excitement to be leveraged on their end as they're welcoming a new team member too. Here's some ideas to bounce off with your managers and implementwithin your company's preboarding phase

  1. Send a welcome video from the hiring manager and team letting the new hire know how happy they are to welcome their newest team member
  2. Learn about the hobbies of your new hire
  3. Share an agenda for the first week of orientation
  4. Share your employee benefits and perks


Trying out different ideas within your preboarding phase will iteratively allow your company to achieve the experience you strive to offer to your employees. The most important point to takeaway is to take advantage of this phase to proactively align your employees right from the get go!

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