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What Should Be The Ideal Procedure Of Crossboarding?

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employee crossboarding
Adding new employees to your team is always a long procedure. However, in today's time, HR professionals have started working on the principle of crossboarding. What crossboarding means is basically hiring members from another team for a ne... Read More

Few Employee Onboarding Statistics That Will Surprise You

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New Employee Onboarding
The economy is increasing in size with each passing day. With so much growth in the economy every year, individuals are more averse to staying at a particular job for a long duration. This means that recruiting and holding quality employees has become a difficult task for HR professionals in all ... Read More

Six Onboarding Trends You Should Look Out For!

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buddy program for new hires
If there’s one thing we can agree with recent professional trends, it is that the 2020 pandemic has drastically changed the way you carry out hiring. Onboarding and offboarding have become an important part of the hiring process.However, in the future, there are certain other ... Read More

Employee Lifecycle: The Six Stages You Must Know!

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employee onboarding process
As a business organization, you might be hiring new employees for different job roles. But do you know that every new hire goes through six stages of the employee lifecycle? And this also includes the new employee onboarding process that every new hire needs to... Read More