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Three Data-Driven Strategies to Enhance Employee Retention

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Employee Retention
What is one of the biggest challenges for business organizations these days? It is long-term employee retention!Due to the lack of an effective employee onboarding process, organizations lose employees in a year increasing their t... Read More

A Simple Guide for Finding the Right Automated Onboarding Software

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Automated Onboarding Software
Employee retention, one of the biggest challenges for HR professionals around the world. With remote working, the frequency of employees leaving their jobs to work on their passion project has become more frequent. Hence, finding new hires and increasing overall employee retention is tough.... Read More

Five Ways to Elevate Your Remote Employee Engagement Level

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Remote Employee Engagement Level
Several organizations around the world have sanctioned work from home policy for a few upcoming years. This means apart from existing employees, hiring new employees and settling them into their job roles will be done remotely.The challenges? Efficiently onboarding new employees and... Read More

2-Step Onboarding Process to Speed Up New Employee Integration

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employee onboarding process
The pandemic doesn’t seem to end for now! There are even reports where some governments are planning on enforcing a lockdown yet again to maintain health and safety.In such a case, there will be a sudden need for essential workers similar to the start of the pandemic. If your organi... Read More