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Why Hybrid Workplace Is Perfect For Businesses

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We as humans tend to change with every little change in our surroundings. When the pandemic hit us, most companies switched to remote working. However, today when the pandemic has become less worse, most organizations have switched to a hybrid working model. The hybrid working model is the one in... Read More

How Can Buddy Programs For New Hires Help?

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Imagine joining a new company on the first day of your job. Everything seems so awkward and you may just want to skip to the good part, right? However, everyone has to go through those first few months when they do not know what to do and are confused about everything. This can especially be diff... Read More

How To Design An Effective Onboarding Program

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Onboarding programs have become extremely important these days because most HR professionals have now understood the importance of onboarding. It is clear that retaining employees without properly onboarding them is extremely difficult. According to a survey, almost one-third of employees leave a... Read More

How To Provide A Seamless Virtual Onboarding Experience To New Hires

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Beginning a new job can be a little difficult for a lot of people. But, when one joins a new office, they at least have people who can guide them whenever necessary. However, in today's time, onboarding needs to be done virtually because remote onboarding has become quite prevalent ever since... Read More