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How To Provide A Seamless Virtual Onboarding Experience To New Hires

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buddy program for new hires
Beginning a new job can be a little difficult for a lot of people. But, when one joins a new office, they at least have people who can guide them whenever necessary. However, in today's time, onboarding needs to be done virtually because remote onboarding has become quite prevalent ever since... Read More

Onboarding Mistakes To Avoid

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onboarding automation software
A lot of times, HR teams forget how important it is to complete a successful onboarding process when a new employee joins the team. This is mostly because they spend a lot of time searching for a suitable candidate and getting done with all the paperwork required for joining. After such a long pr... Read More

Mass Onboarding: How To Do It Excellently

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new employee onboarding
With the beginning of the New Year, all organizations are looking forward to hiring talented and hardworking new employees who can make work easier for their organization. As we notice every year, this year too, there are high chances that many people will resign and will join new jobs during the... Read More

5 Elements That Can Greatly Upgrade Any Onboarding Software

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Proper onboarding software is extremely important for your recently added team members to ensure that they don't feel estranged, unwanted, or detached. Acquainting them with new jobs, devices, and colleagues physically can be tedious and may result in certain human errors. These errors can gr... Read More