Onboarding Technology: Four Ways You Can Use It for Managing Talent!

Onboarding Technology: Four Ways You Can Use It for Managing Talent!

As an HR professional, onboarding your new hires is crucial to make them feel valued, keep them engaged and increase the retention value of the organization. Due to such a specific task, most HR teams think that an onboarding system is a single purpose tool.

A single purpose tool means a thing that can perform only one action or has one application. However, your onboarding software can be used for other purposes too. It is just meant for onboarding new hires but also other types of recruitment happening in your organization.

Let’s look at four ways you can use your onboarding software for more than just onboarding.

  • Internships

Now, your organization might have an internship program. An intern is a potential full-time employee for your organization. So, it will be beneficial for your organization to create a positive working and internship experience for them.

They might not need extensive badges or detailed information but will need basic training about different aspects such as company culture, anti-harassment training, and more.

Use your automated onboarding software to create an intern onboarding program that includes welcome messages, basic company information, and such crucial information.

  • Contracting workforce

Your organization might be dependent on a contingent workforce that includes professionals like freelancers, consultants, or contractors. To ensure that they feel a part of the organization, you need to keep them engaged.

Hence, you can use your onboarding software to give them badges so that they don’t feel like a visitor. Also, you can manage all their contracts, non-disclosure agreements effectively.

  • Work Events

Work events that will need you to use onboarding software are mergers, acquisitions, or expatriate work events. All these work events will require you to generate more contracts, name badges, perks and benefits, and business cards.

This will avoid missing out on crucial details. For example, how disappointing it would be if you have new employees due to a recent acquisition and their contracts aren’t ready yet. You need to ensure that you create a positive and hassle-free experience at every point in your organization.

  • Offboarding

We know you might think that how can onboarding automation software help you offboard your employees. But making a positive experience for your exiting employees is equally crucial. This will help you create a better reputation in the market.

Onboarding software can help you collecting their badges, business cards if issues any. Moreover, the software can allow generating experience letters and final documents that can help them get better jobs in the future.

Now that you know how you can use onboarding software other than for new hires, you can manage your company talent efficiently. And Squadsy would be happy to help you!

We have developed robust and advanced onboarding features for scaling teams.. It will make your work easier and help you create a better work environment for all your company talent.

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