Onboarding Support for Line Managers: Four Ways You To Improve!

Onboarding Support for Line Managers: Four Ways You To Improve!

Line managers are a crucial part of business organizations. Working closely with the employees and making sure that the work gets done on time is an important task that line managers handle.

Moreover, they are also answerable to the senior manager about the progress of their work and business operations. Another important role that line managers play is recruiting a new employee.

But most of the time, once the recruitment has been done, line managers are left out of the overall communications between the HR and new hire. They are confused about their role in the new employee onboarding process. This will not be the case if your onboarding process is streamlined and inclusive of all stakeholders.

If you have been experiencing complaints from your line managers about their role or dissatisfaction with the current onboarding process, it might be the right time to review your holistic onboarding process now.

Here are four ways you can improve your onboarding system making it inclusive of line managers and their roles.

  • Map out your onboarding process

The first thing you must do is map out your onboarding process. This includes the steps of your onboarding system along with describing the roles of managers.

Once a manager can see and understand what role they play in the new hire onboarding process, it makes the process more collaborative and supportive. The process of mapping helps stakeholders get more clarity around their role in the onboarding process.

Communicate with line managers

Make sure to have an open line of communication with your line managers. Make sure to include them in communications regarding a new hire. This will keep them informed and in the loop reducing confusion. 

Kick off the relations on a great note by setting up a call between the manager and the employee as soon as the offer is accepted to share a warm welcome message.

  • Reduce ‘us and them’ barriers

Most of the time, there is an ‘us and them’ barrier between the HR professionals and other employees in the organization. This barrier causes a lack of communication and confusion. Make it clear that onboarding is a team sport

If this barrier is reduced, you will see an increase in honest and smooth communication. Also, it will create a singular force working towards creating a delightful onboarding experience for the new employee!

  • Gather Feedback

Managers play a key role as a crucial partner to the HR team in creating an effective and engaging onboarding experience. Gathering their feedback can go a long way in incorporating an iterative feedback driven approach to the onboarding process. Send anonymous surveys at various points during the pre-boarding and onboarding stages to gather their feedback

Using these four ways you can improve your current set-up to ensure that the process is smooth and engaging.

At Squadsy, we have always discussed the best ways to improve the onboarding process across various organizations. We have always emphasized clear communication and allotment of roles in the process. If you want to know more, you can read our previous blogs!

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