Mass Onboarding: How To Do It Excellently

new employee onboarding

With the beginning of the New Year, all organizations are looking forward to hiring talented and hardworking new employees who can make work easier for their organization. As we notice every year, this year too, there are high chances that many people will resign and will join new jobs during the beginning of the new year.

But, this can stress the HR team of any particular organization because they will be required to onboard many employees at the same time. This will require a lot of planning and dedication

But, when any HR team is onboarding a huge number of employees at the same time, it is extremely important to utilize their time and not waste it on unnecessary processes. However, this may also mean that the new employee onboarding experience may deteriorate in quality. So, we have listed down a few tips on how to complete mass onboarding excellently.

1.      Make it convenient. 

If it is possible for the HR team then they may ask all the new employees to start on the same date. This will ensure that they get a similar experience when they join the office. This will save the time of the HR team members because they can conduct all simpler activities for the employees together. For instance, they can provide everyone  an office tour at the same time so that they do not need to go around the office with each one of them personally. They can also make all of them meet different teams together. This will also improve the experience for them because they will be in a group and will feel less lonely in the new environment.

2.      Great communication is extremely important.

In today's time, most employees are working virtually and may require assistance when they join the office. For providing all of them a seamless experience, you need to make sure that the pre-boarding activities are completed properly. For instance, all of them should be provided the equipment, their zoom meetings or office tours should be scheduled, their login and other credentials should be communicated so that there is no hassle on the first day. You should also explain how they can contact the IT team in case of any issues. This is extremely important especially in today's virtual working age when most people are joining from their homes. They should know how to ask for help if they require any assistance.

3.      Use onboarding technology.

The best step that can save HR teams from any kind of hassle during onboarding is using onboarding technology. This is an effective  way for providing a professional and user-friendly new hire onboarding experience to new employees. The onboarding software should be easy to use so that most employees can operate it without any issues..

At Squadsy, we are onboarding enthusiasts who are committed to helping organizations provide an outstanding automated onboarding experience to every batch of new employees that they hire.

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