Make Your New Hires Welcomed by Creating Connections with their Team members

Make Your New Hires Welcomed by Creating Connections with their Team members

When a new employee is hired, the first few days and weeks are of the utmost importance. The way the new hire is welcomed in the team and overall organization during the first weeks plays a role in determining their tenure at the company.

Poor integration into the team has been cited as the biggest reason for poor retention rates by several organizations. A survey conducted in 2019 shows that only 19% of new respondents felt welcomed in their teams in the first few weeks. And 56% of new hires said that there were no welcome activities planned for them in the first few days.

These first few days and weeks of a new hire at any organization must be the most exciting weeks. But several organizations fail to understand the importance of onboarding process during the initial days and weeks.

However, there are several ways you can ensure that the new hire feels welcomed and valued during the initial days of their job. One of the ways you can achieve this is by encouraging your current employees to make new hires feel welcomed.

A few of the strategies that your current employees can use to achieve this goal include:

  • Welcome call after offer acceptance

The time right after a candidate has signed their offer letter to become the company’s new hire, their excitement levels are at an all time high as they’ve officially made their decision. A call or a personalized message from the manager and the team can go a long way in adding extra delight to the employee’s experience.

This also makes the new employee onboarding process casual, fun, and personal.

  • Team lunch on day one

Day 1 is another key milestone that must be designed thoughtfully for an engaging employee experience. You can organize a team lunch for the new hires by preemptively communicating with managers and other stakeholders across teams. When integrated smoothly in the orientation agenda, a team lunch can be a fun getaway to quickly help the new hire meet their team members on a 1on1 basis over some delicious food.

  •  Tour of the office

The office or work facility is a key aspect in the employee’s work experience. On the one end, its important for employees to know professionally related aspects such as meeting rooms or office supplies and on the other hand, it’s also about knowing about the best snacks and coffee in the kitchen. Integrate the office tour as a part of the agenda on Day 1 and if you’re teams are spread across multiple locations, leverage the assistance of stakeholders such as office managers to arrange them.

Now, these strategies can seem simple and effective. However, during the global pandemic when most people are working remotely, using these strategies can be challenging.

Many HR professionals are looking for a way around these strategies that will work during remote working conditions. A simple way to think of designing the employee experience for the new context of a virtual workforce is to embed and translate those key highlight moments using digital tools. Some examples are 1)organizations are conducting virtual team lunches on day one making the new hire feel part of the team easily even when they are working remotely and another interesting idea has been the usage of 3d virtual tours leveraging latest technology

It’s clear that with the current situation, these new employee onboarding strategies must be redesigned to adapt to the necessities of the new context.

And at Squadsy, we are always glad to help teams create an engaging onboarding experience for their remote workforces. Reach out to our team to kick off the conversation!

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