Identify The Key Differences Between Employee Onboarding And Employee Orientation

Employee Onboarding or Employee Orientation

As an HR professional, it is important that you understand the difference between important processes like new employee onboarding and employee orientation. A lot of people believe that both of them are the same and have no differences. However, they have different approaches and different procedures. Hence, you should not skip anyone and should complete them effectively to ensure that the new employee adjusts to the company quickly. Some key differences between the two have been listed below.


The employee orientation process is much shorter than the onboarding process. It just takes place on a single day. One day is enough to complete the process. However, the employee onboarding process is quite a long process that takes several months to complete until the new employee becomes completely productive in the role.


The setup of the employee orientation process is more like a classroom. A lot of organizations also do it using video conferencing. But the employee onboarding process is done on the job only. So, this would take a long time as it is a continuous process that requires months to complete.


During the employee orientation process, it may not be possible for HR professionals to focus on every individual topic. So, they provide more of an overview or a big picture to the new employee. However, the new employee onboarding process has individualized content that is based on the new employee, the job position, the department, etc.


The outcome that any organization requires from employee orientation is to make the new employee ready for training so that they can start working quickly. However, the outcome that they can get from employee onboarding is that the new employee can become an actively contributing member of the team. This would boost their employee retention rate and the employee would be happier in the role for a long time.


Employee orientation provides the new employee with information about the company’s vision, values, mission, etc. It is focused on welcoming them to the new position. But the employee onboarding process is focused on their role and everyday goals in the position. It helps them feel like an important part of the team.

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