How To Provide A Seamless Virtual Onboarding Experience To New Hires

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Beginning a new job can be a little difficult for a lot of people. But, when one joins a new office, they at least have people who can guide them whenever necessary. However, in today's time, onboarding needs to be done virtually because remote onboarding has become quite prevalent ever since the beginning of the pandemic. However, the main reason to conduct onboarding is to make the new employees familiar with the work culture and ethics right from the beginning.

But, ever since the pandemic has started, most organizations have adapted their onboarding experiences in such a way that people can be made aware of the company's work culture, goals, and everything else virtually also. For this, they take the help of certain tools, technology, software, and processes that help in making new employees feel excited about joining their new job.

However, if your organization has still not created a seamless virtual new hire onboarding experience for new hires then this may seem a little difficult to you. But, there is no need to worry because we have listed down a few tips that can help you to provide this experience to your new employees.

1.      Take help of onboarding software

Because of the new working conditions, completing the entire onboarding process on your own may not be feasible. So, to ensure that everything is done on time with utmost effectiveness and efficiency, you can take the help of onboarding software that can help you right from collecting personal details to conducting induction on the first day of joining. This can help you customize the entire onboarding experience according to the job profile of any particular employee and to ensure that everything is completed properly and nothing is missed.

2.      Send some welcome gifts

When a candidate has agreed to join your organization, ensure that they feel as much a part of your organization as any other employer. For doing this, you can offer them welcome gifts. When the new employee shares a picture of those gifts on their social media accounts, it becomes a great way to connect the company with the new employee.

3.      Help them establish routines

Whenever a new hire joins a team in your organization, they need to become aware of all the things that they need to do such as connecting with a few colleagues, completing some necessary tasks, and much more. So, you need to ensure that all this is being done properly by the new hire without any issues. If they are facing any problems then you should make sure to resolve them as quickly as possible. This will help them get an outstanding new employee onboarding experience.

4.      Assign a virtual buddy 

As a new hire joining remotely may not know much about the workplace and several important aspects, they can benefit a lot if they are assigned with a virtual buddy. A virtual buddy is basically someone with whom they can ask informal questions about the workplace, company culture, and anything relevant to the organization. The conversations between the new hire and their virtual buddy will always be confidential. This will allow them to clear any silly or important doubts that they have regarding the work environment.

5.      Get feedback when your onboarding process ends

If you wish to keep improving your onboarding process, getting the feedback of your new hires can be made a recurring activity. This will help you get some valuable feedback and you will be able to improve your process at regular intervals if you keep getting feedback from new starters. If they are satisfied by the entire experience then you can be sure that you are conducting the process efficiently.

If you need guidance with a buddy program for new hires or any other onboarding process then we at Squadsy have the right experience to help you. We can provide you with some expert advice about how to improve your onboarding experience with the help of our onboarding software and other services.

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