How To Make Your Onboarding Experience Creative

Onboarding Experience

Today, all companies have understand the importance of new employee onboarding and feel that it is not just a process or procedure but something that can help them retain their employees for a long time. So, it is essential to make the process as engaging and interesting as possible.

Sending a congratulations card

A lot of organizations just congratulate the employee on phone for becoming a part of the organization. But this may not make them feel as special as you may want them. So, you can try sending them a congratulations card at their provided address so that they truly feel special and energized to become a part of your organization.

Creating a welcome pack

Just welcoming your new hire empty-handed on the first day of work may not feel welcoming enough. creating a welcome pack as a part of your new employee onboarding process that includes fun stuff that builds connection on their first day of work. A few examples are water bottle, a pen, a notebook, and various other such things.

Creating fun memories on the first day of work

The first day of work is always memorable. So, when your new hire joins the organization on the first day, you should try to make it as memorable as you can. For this, you can organize various ice-breaking events or can also host a team lunch where they can bond with the other members of the team efficiently. This would make them a part of the team at the earliest.

A personal message from a leader

On the first day of work, you should try to send a personal message from the senior leader of your organization to the new employee. This would help them feel important right from the first day.

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