How To Engage Employees Right After Onboarding

employee onboarding experience

When an employee joins the organization, it takes them a few months to get acclimatized and adjust to the whole environment of the organization. However, this will not be the case if the new hires are made comfortable with the organization right after the onboarding process. The employee onboarding experience is not a one-day process. It starts from the time someone signs a job offer until the first 90 days or even longer.

Retaining employees for a long time should be your goal at all times. If you provide your new employees with a great start, they will feel happy that they decided to become a part of your organization. So, to help them feel this way, follow the tips mentioned below.

Map your employee journey

The new employee onboarding journey is quite complex and you cannot simply start with it without having a fixed plan. The process of mapping the entire journey from start to end helps the entire team get on the same page. The visual of a journey map helps identify the various stages and map specific action items that happen at each stage. This helps the HR team think of the employee experience holistically making your new hire feel valued and special, you need to set up everything efficiently.

Constant communication

It is your responsibility to surround your new hire with people who can answer their questions and encourage them based on whatever small things they achieve. For instance, you can assign them a buddy who is an experienced employee. Such an employee can answer all the questions that the employee may have and can take interest in their work to mentor them in the best way possible. Assigning someone with the right potential will be beneficial. Moreover, the employee should be encouraged to set goals along with the team so that they feel like a part of it. Getting feedback from the new hire from time to time is also an important aspect.

If you wish to get started with the new hire onboarding experience planning, connect with us at Squadsy. We have the right resources and tools to help you in this journey and can make the entire process better for you and your new employees.

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