How To Design An Effective Onboarding Program

new employee onboarding

Onboarding programs have become extremely important these days because most HR professionals have now understood the importance of onboarding. It is clear that retaining employees without properly onboarding them is extremely difficult. According to a survey, almost one-third of employees leave a job during their first month because they have not been onboarded properly. To eradicate such issues from an organization, HR professionals must pay attention to their onboarding program.

Their onboarding program should be designed in such a way that it provides the new hires the holistic new employee onboarding experience. They should consider all the different aspects and should get into the shoes of the new hires to understand the issues that they would probably face. This can help an organization in retaining more employees for a long duration.

There are a few important things that one should remember while designing an effective onboarding program. To help you, we have listed some of them down below.

·        Job clarity

The most important thing that any onboarding program must do is provide the new hires with job clarity. Job clarity includes certain things such as informing them about pay benefits, rules and regulations of the company, important procedures, and much more. You should also discuss the expectations that the company would have while paying them a certain amount of money and should also talk about the goals that they are required to achieve. Once they get clarity about their job, they are more likely to perform better and contribute to the team.

·        Onboarding journey

Often  HR professionals tend to find it challenging sharing the right information at the right time. They should discuss the journey with the new hire so that they are aware of what is coming their way. It is important to discuss things like the duration of the process, the mode of the process, how you will be tracking progress, how you will be following COVID guidelines, and much more. This will help you avoid any confusion and will also provide a sense of stability to the new hire.

·        Learning

Probably, one of the most essential parts of onboarding is learning. A new employee is burdened with a lot of information such as the rules, regulations, compliance, new skills, and much more. To ensure that they digest all this information, it is important to break it into small parts and should begin with the easiest parts. If it is extremely long then you should provide them with a written detailed plan. You should pay more attention to what is important for their success and what you are expecting from them.

·        Right tools

Because of the pandemic, we all have understood that using technology for our benefit can help us in the long run. So, to make the entire process convenient and hassle-free, you can rely on onboarding software that can help you keep track of the new hires’ progress and also assign the new tasks efficiently. Another benefit of using onboarding software is that you can ensure that all the onboarding steps are completed and nothing is left.

·        Remote working issues

In today's time, most organizations are working remotely because of the current pandemic situation. Considering this, you must discuss all the probable issues that the new employee may face while remote working and should also provide them with the solution for these problems. You should always keep the channel of communication open so that they can ask questions freely whenever they face any problems. You should also ask them to rely on their teammates who can guide them on certain levels. This will ensure that they become an instant part of the organization and keep learning new things every day.

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