How To Avoid Onboarding Mistakes With An Employee Expeience Software

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Various organizations wish to only deliver the best when it comes to onboarding. However, there are a few mistakes that they may make and it can completely degrade the quality of the onboarding experience. Hence, it is essential to rely on automated onboarding software that can help them provide the experience that they strive for. Some of the common mistakes have been listed below along with how you can avoid them using onboarding software. 

Beginning on the first day

When you hire an employee, you may have invested a lot of money and time into it. Hence, you should not wait to get started with the onboarding process right from the first day of work. Instead, you should make sure to start the onboarding as soon as the offer letter is signed. Moreover, you can also leverage employee experience software to ensure that all the information that you want to deliver can be streamlined. 

Conflating the onboarding and orientation process

While the terms onboarding and orientation may seem interchangeable - they aren’t. Conflating them will do more bad than good. Orientation is small part of onboarding which is a holistic experience that lasts a minimum of 90 days since start. Most companies end the onboarding right after the completion of the orientation. However, companies need to design an onboarding experience so that they can easily understand how the company functions and can become a productive member of the team.

Not preparing beforehand

Have you clearly set the timeline for your new employee onboarding process? Are all stakeholders across teams like the managers, IT team, HR coordinators ready to play their part? Are you ready with the materials required for supporting employees? If you are not completely prepared with all of this then the employee experience wouldn’t be cohesive. Hence, you must set a clear timeline that would help them keep up with everything. You should also define the goals for the onboarding process. 

Not checking in regularly

Once you are done with the formal training and welcoming the new employee, you need to keep checking in over the course of time. 30-60-90 day programs are useful in long term success of an employee

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