How Can Buddy Programs For New Hires Help?

buddy program onboarding

Imagine joining a new company on the first day of your job. Everything seems so awkward and you may just want to skip to the good part, right? However, everyone has to go through those first few months when they do not know what to do and are confused about everything. This can especially be difficult because you are still learning about your job and the company and are trying to adjust to the environment at the same time. This is the reason why HR professionals should always have a buddy program for new hires in place.

Buddy programs can help in elevating the entire experience to a whole new level and making the new hire extremely comfortable in the new work environment. When you provide a buddy to a new hire, they get a lot of inside information and also get motivated because of having someone by their side. This can help them adjust to your company a lot quicker than they would without a buddy. According to a survey, employees having a reliable friend in the office were 8 times more likely to be engaged at work. A buddy program also does the same by providing the new hire with a trustworthy friend that they can discuss everything with.

·        What is a buddy?

A buddy plays a lot of roles in the life of a new hire. Some of those roles are a mentor, coach, friend, manager, and much more. The best thing about their relationship is that it is not formal. This can help the new hire develop a strong bond and trust. The nature of the buddy program should be casual and the purpose should be to provide support in all areas to the new hire. They should be made so comfortable that they do not feel awkward about asking questions related to anything. The buddy is not responsible for the work goals of the new hire. Their main focus should be to help clear their doubts on other important things such as some kitchen rules, a nearby food spot, a pharmacy, and much more.

·        How to assign a buddy to a new hire?

Planning the buddy program onboarding properly is extremely important. According to a survey, more than 50% of new hires want a buddy during their first few days in any organization. After they have gained all the necessary information, they can also help another new hire in the future. If you wish to assign a buddy to a new hire, you should find an employee from the same department who is trustworthy and understands the company properly. You should not assign somebody who would not be interactive because it would become difficult for the new hire to ask them questions. If no employee volunteers for becoming a buddy, you can introduce incentives for becoming a part of the program. You can also encourage the new hire to meet their buddy before their first day so that they are more comfortable on the first day of work.

·        Getting feedback about the buddy program:

You can also schedule meetings from time to time to get the feedback of the new hire about the buddy program and how it has helped them so far. If the process of onboarding is happening remotely then you can take the help of onboarding software to streamline the process and ensure that every step is completed without any issues. Their feedback can help you improve the buddy program so that future new hires get a better onboarding experience.

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