‘Ghosting’: A Data Problem That Affects Onboarding Process

‘Ghosting’: A Data Problem That Affects Onboarding Process

‘Ghosting’, a term that is usually used on the internet in the dating world. However, this term is also very much popular when it comes to the onboarding process at companies.

Technically, ghosting is also referred to as ‘non-boarding’ where a successful candidate drops out of the job role. And you never hear about them again. An unengaging onboarding process is one of the crucial reasons for ghosting.

But one thing that stays with the HR teams is the personal details of such candidates that lurk in the organizational system and that is the focus of this article.

Now, personal details will include everything starting from their names, addresses, contact information to the contract details, policy guides, and much more. And once the candidate has dropped out of the role, this information will be in limbo.

Handling this information is a bigger challenge for HR professionals. And without the right onboarding and data management tools, this information will always make further onboarding processes challenging. This not only results in wastage of crucial HR resources but also threatens the data compliance regulations.

Data Compliance Issues

The GDPR enforced by the European Union, CCPA regulations in the US, and other data regulations strongly suggest that any data that is irrelevant for an organization must be removed immediately.

This information can be anything starting from their names to their email addresses. All such information must be discarded to maintain the privacy of individuals.

The smart way to tackle the ‘ghosting’ challenge

One of the ways HR teams can tackle the data management aspect of ‘ghosting’ of new candidates and handling their information is by using cloud-based onboarding automation software. Such software comes with robust features that allow HR professionals to enhance the quality of their onboarding process.

Such cloud-based software not only provides an easy and hassle-free way to introduce the new hire to the organization and fulfill the required formalities but also helps them keep track of the employment status.

This helps HR teams tackle the ‘ghosting’ of candidates and their information correctly. The cloud-based system will have easy ways to remove any information of such candidates further enhancing data compliance.

Also, HR teams can have better control over employee information rather than handling everything manually.

At Squadsy, we have always collaborated with HR professionals and hiring teams around the world to develop a cloud-based automated onboarding software that is advanced and will help them tackle the issue of ‘ghosting’ easily. We are also in constant conversation with hiring teams from different organizations to make the software robust.

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