Four Benefits of Managing Employee Onboarding Using Cloud-Based Applications

Four Benefits of Managing Employee Onboarding Using Cloud-Based Applications

These days mobile phone and access to the Internet have made it easy for us to access and share digital information. Whether it is chatting with friends or managing finances, mobile applications have made it easy, quick, and hassle-free. And as much as these features are useful for our day-to-day lives, they can be integrated into the employee experience aspect of business organizations. 

Most HR teams are using the manual ways of tackling the onboarding process that involves a lot of paperwork. This makes the whole process complicated and cumbersome both for the HR team as well as the employee. However, using automated onboarding solutions that can be accessed using mobile phones will make the whole process faster. 

Online onboarding solutions will give the potential candidates and HR professionals to connect anytime and anywhere. Both parties can fulfill all the formalities without much hassle. 

Here are other benefits of managing a new employee onboarding process using mobile applications. 

  • Decrease onboarding time

Using online and cloud-based onboarding processes will reduce the onboarding time. In the traditional process, where it takes days and weeks to complete the paperwork, cloud-based applications will complete the process in minutes. 

This will also greatly reduce the anxiety and stress that most new hires experience before starting at a new company. 

  • Welcoming and engaging experience

When most of the complicated onboarding process is made simpler by using cloud-based applications, HR professionals can focus on giving a welcoming and engaging experience to the new hire. 

With the cloud-based application, you can share all the fun and crucial information easily. This helps to create a positive experience. 

  • User-Friendly experience

Cloud-based applications have made it easier for candidates to complete the process anytime and anywhere. The extent of flexibility offered by cloud-based applications is expected by candidates. 

Whether it is signing the contract or uploading important documents, everything can be done in just a few clicks on such mobile applications. 

  • Managing operations

Tracking an incomplete task or an unsubmitted form as onboarding operations scale can get really challenging and eventually overwhelming. Having a structured digital process that unifies such data and sends notifications at the right time can ease the process for all stakeholders involved.

Using cloud-based and online mobile applications will enhance the onboarding system of your organization. And at Squadsy, we are always looking to develop enhanced cloud-based onboarding solutions. We’re striving to help HR professionals around different organizations to take their onboarding experience to the next level. Get in touch with us to know more.

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