Five Ways to Elevate Your Remote Employee Engagement Level

Remote Employee Engagement Level

Several organizations around the world have sanctioned work from home policy for a few upcoming years. This means apart from existing employees, hiring new employees and settling them into their job roles will be done remotely.

The challenges? Efficiently onboarding new employees and keeping them engaged long-term!

Now, the onboarding system can be streamlined by using automated, cloud-based onboarding software. However, managing employee engagement will be a bigger challenge. Here’s how you can elevate the engagement level of your remote teams.

  • Talk, talk, talk!

Yes, you need to start talking with your employees, existing and new alike. You need to make sure that they know the expectations from the start. For example, which meetings are a must to attend. What is the communication method that will be used by the team?

Be clear and concise with the instructions.

  • Mail Inbox

Since it is remote work, the best way to communicate and stay in the loop is with your mail inbox. But instead of setting an inbox zero policy, try to set up the “necessary emails only” policy. This means your team can focus on responding to only necessary emails. If needed, teams can switch to phone calls to transfer important information.

  • Connect

Don’t forget to connect with your team. In remote working, buddy program onboarding can be highly beneficial. Assigning buddies to new hires will help existing and new hires alike.

They can connect with some activities such as coffee calls, workplace-appropriate video games, and more.

  • Recognize

One of the best things to do to keep your remote team motivated is by recognizing their wins and milestones. This will help them feel valued and respected. This will, in turn, make them more engaged in their job and responsibilities.

  • Create online “Front Page”

The “Front Page” will act as your office water cooler where most of the talks happen. On the “front page”, you can let your team post things such as any tv show that can’t get enough or maybe they cooked something special at their home, and more.

The pandemic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And remote working is the “new normal”. Hence, organizations and managers need to ensure that their team is highly engaged to retain them longer.

At Squadsy, we are in constant dialogue with HR professionals, hiring managers, team managers to understand how to improve employee engagement. With that knowledge, we have created an automated onboarding software that allows you to streamline your onboarding process and retain your employees longer.

Connect with us to know more.

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