Few Unconventional Ideas To Improve Your Employee Onboarding Experience

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The effectiveness of onboarding an employee is extremely essential because it will determine whether the employee will stay in the organization for a long duration or not. Therefore, you need to be extremely attentive during the same.

In today's time, there are many onboarding automation software available in the market that can make the entire experience seamless and hassle-free for you and the employee both. This is because software can help ensure that every important step is completed without fail.

However, there is a need to incorporate some unconventional ideas to improve the experience so that your employees can connect better with the entire team. To help you, we have listed some such ideas down below. 

1.      Try rewarding your new employee with a welcome gift. 

You can help your new employee feel welcomed in the organization by offering them a welcome gift. This welcome gift may not necessarily be something that can be used during work. It can also be something else that can be of the employee’s interest. This will help them feel special and they may feel more comfortable with the entire team. The gift can focus on having a healthy lifestyle or spending time with their loved ones. For instance, you can give them vouchers for a nearby restaurant that offers great food.

2.      Provide your new hires with a relaxed start.

To ensure a successful new employee onboarding, you need to make sure that your new hire does not feel overwhelmed with the work right in the first week. So, for doing so, you need to make sure to give them a relaxed start that does not overwhelm them too much. For instance, you can ask them to come a little later than everyone else during their first day so that most team members can interact with them. When they arrive at work on the first day, you should not give them a lot of work. Instead, you should let them focus on getting familiar with their work and understanding the area nearby so that they get adjusted to your team immediately.

3.      Make them feel special during the first day.

An important task that HR professionals need to focus on is making new hires feel extremely special when they join the workplace. This can be done in a variety of ways. For instance, you can ask that particular team to go out for lunch to a famous eatery so that they can interact with their team members better. Other than that, you can also engage them in a group activity where the new hire can feel like an important part of the organization. You should give them all the necessary information about the team and the company. However, you should refrain from explaining everything on the same day because they may not be able to retain so much. You can try such different activities to help them feel extra special on the first day.

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