Few Tips to Improve Remote Onboarding

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The recent pandemic turned the whole corporate world upside-down. Different organizations across different industrial sectors had to start working remotely. And this posed a major challenge for the HR professionals and that was giving new employees the finest new hire onboarding experience.

Although some of the organizations have started calling their employees to the office, the majority of them still prefer remote working to ensure the health and safety of employees.

Therefore, HR professionals must improve the remote onboarding experience for new employees. If you have been struggling to implement a robust remote onboarding process, here are a few tips that can help you improve the program.

  • Give new employees a head-start

To ensure that they have a great first day, make sure to give them a head start. Let them know about the paperwork and documentation a few days before they start their first day.

This will allow them to finish all the formalities and begin the first-day hassle-free.

Also, you can give them some interesting reads related to the work that can help them understand the company and the culture.

  • Provide the resources for a successful work environment

While an employee works in an office, they have access to computer systems, desks, and chairs. Make sure you allocate some budget for each remote employee to replicate the office experience of comfort yet productivity.

Provide them with their computer systems and accessories a few days before. Ensure that it is set up before their first day.

  • Create a great first-day experience

The first days are daunting for all the new hires. Remember your first day as an HR professional? Keep that in mind while creating a great first-day working experience. For remote employees, you can do several things to give them a great experience on their first days such as sending them company swag and goodies.

You can also create a video from the team welcoming them to the company. You can send them an email describing each employee or maybe schedule a team call. And most importantly, provide them with a remote mentor who can show them the ropes.

  • Create a 30/60/90 days plan

This is one of the most effective strategies to give an excellent new employee onboarding experience. You can sit with the new employee and create this plan that will allow them to know what is expected from them in the first few months of the job.

The new employee might want to add some goals they like to achieve during this period. This will also give them and you a complete view of their progress in the role.

And lastly, you need a cloud-based automated onboarding software that can provide with you advanced features to tackle remote onboarding easily. You can get in touch with our team at Squadsy to learn more about such cloud-based automated onboarding software.

We will be glad to be of help!

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