Few Employee Onboarding Statistics That Will Surprise You

New Employee Onboarding

The economy is increasing in size with each passing day. With so much growth in the economy every year, individuals are more averse to staying at a particular job for a long duration. This means that recruiting and holding quality employees has become a difficult task for HR professionals in all types of companies.

Today HR teams are struggling with hiring the right team members for the companies that they work with. But, in reality, employees wish to work in a particular company for a long duration only if they are provided with job satisfaction and the support that they truly deserve. For this, it is important to adhere to the onboarding process that follows best practices.

When the onboarding process is effective and efficient then the chances of an employee staying in an organization for a long duration increases to a huge extent. But, if there is still a doubt in your mind about the effectiveness of onboarding then read the surprising new employee onboarding statistics mentioned below.

1.      Companies that provide effective onboarding experience an improvement of 82% in employee retention.

Studies have shown that employees that go through a properly developed and designed onboarding process stay in an organization for a lot longer than employees who do not get proper onboarding experience. Employee retention can improve by up to 82% if employees are provided with a proper onboarding experience. So, if you have been able to find the right employee for your organization then it is crucial to provide them with the right new hire onboarding experience.

2.      In a survey, it was found that 60% of managers have had to let go of a talented employee in the first few months because of poor onboarding.

When managers were questioned about employee retention in a survey, 60% of them admitted to having had to let go of talented employees because of poor onboarding practices. Around 40% of the employees left in the first month because of this. Therefore, it is important to help fresh recruits get involved in the organization and fulfill their fundamental HR requirements.

3.      Around 30% of organizations exclude training while providing onboarding to a new hire.

 A lot of organizations believe that they should not train employees and should not pay attention to skill development. This is because they think that when the employee leaves the organization, they may benefit their competitors with the skills that they have developed. However, this can cause the company a great loss in the long run. Therefore, training should be included in proper onboarding experience.

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