Enhance Virtual Employee Onboarding Process with These Methods!

Enhance Virtual Employee Onboarding Process with These Methods!

Providing a great onboarding experience to new employees is crucial. As an HR professional, if you calculate the amount of investment in hiring talent, it is certainly high. And hence losing a new hire due to a bad employee onboarding process is unfortunate.

And since the pandemic, most of your hiring is happening virtually. Onboarding virtual employees is difficult. But not impossible! Here are a few ways you can spruce up the onboarding process for your virtual employees.

  • Improve your delivery

It is crucial to deliver the right amount of content to your virtual employees. Work on using creative ways to deliver information. Don’t lean into traditional methods of information delivery such as PDFs.

Instead, videos are a great way to deliver information to virtual employees. They are short, swift, and interactively deliver the message.

  • Deliver the right information

During the new employee onboarding process, it is crucial to deliver the right information. Don’t focus on delivering a large amount of information, instead, focus on crucial chunks. The information must include the job description, company culture, history of the organization, and such.

Again, create a video that quickly delivers the information.

  • Create workplace bonds

Now we know that workplace bonding can be difficult in remote working. But it is not impossible! You need to find ways that help your virtual employees build workplace bonds.

Some of the ways you can achieve this are by hosting virtual team lunches, coffee breaks, team bonding meetings, and more. The most important thing is to create a sense of belonging for your virtual employees. You can also conduct an informal survey for new hires to take feedback for their onboarding experience.

  • Keep an onboarding content delivery timeline

Once you have decided on the information that you want to deliver to your virtual employees, it is time to decide when to deliver it. You need to create a content delivery timeline. This timeline must include employee feedback as it can be crucial to create a great workplace environment for them.

And finally, to cover all these points efficiently, communication is everything. So, make sure you have a smooth communication pipeline. One of the ways you can achieve efficient virtual employee onboarding is by using cloud-based automated onboarding software.

Here at Squadsy, we have developed an excellent automated onboarding software that has crucial features making virtual onboarding efficient. Get in touch with our creative team right away!

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