Documentation Methods for Onboarding: Three Types and Pros and Cons

Documentation Methods for Onboarding: Three Types and Pros and Cons

One of the most important things that HR professionals and hiring teams are responsible for is carrying out the new employee onboarding process efficiently. The most important part of this process is the documentation and paperwork. 

Traditionally, HR professionals print the contracts and offer letters, mail them to successful candidates. The candidates need to read and sign the contract and send it back to the organization. This process takes a few days that results in a loss of time and money for both the organization and the candidate. 

The pandemic forced the organization to shift to newer and faster methods of gathering paperwork by using digital technology. Several organizations started using emails or a combination of both post and email. Some organizations also use digital contract signatures for completing the paperwork. 

In this blog post, let’s look at the efficiency, pros, and cons of the different methods used by organizations for completing the documentation for efficient onboarding. 

  • Email

Most organizations shifted to using email for correspondence with the new hire during the new employee onboarding process. The documents can be attached easily as a PDF or Word document. 

But the benefits of using emails for documentation are quite one-sided. With this approach, only the recruiters are benefitted. For the candidates, it is still the laborious process of printing out the documents, signing them, and sending them by post or scanning them and sending them by email. This still takes more time and effort on the part of the candidate. This can result in a negative onboarding experience. 

Another challenge is for the HR teams where they have to manually enter the information in their system. This increases the chances of errors. 

  • Post/email

Certain HR teams that use a combination of both post and email. They will send some of the documents via email and some by post. And said before, emailed documents will need to be printed out by the candidate and posted to the organization. 

This might also create confusion or delay in getting and sending all the documents making the process all the more cumbersome. 

  • Digital Contract Signing

The pandemic saw a sudden increase in HR teams using digital contract signing. Cloud-based solutions offer the possibility to send the documents to the new hire easily in just a few clicks. 

This also makes it easier for the candidate to complete the documentation process from anywhere anytime. This makes the onboarding process quick, hassle-free, and smooth. This also helps to reduce the amount of time from weeks to minutes and also helps in reducing the expenses for both the organization and the candidate.

At Squadsy, we have developed an excellent cloud-based solution that will help HR teams around the world streamline their onboarding system. We are always in discussion with the HR teams and hiring managers on how to enhance the onboarding process that allows them to retain their new hires for long. Contact us now to know more!

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