Different Employee Transitions In An Employee Life Cycle

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An employee goes through different stages in their employee life cycle at different times. But these different stages can be challenging and stressful if one does not get the right support to move from one stage to another. Hence, to ensure that employees can succeed in a company, the HR team should provide your employees with the right resources and guidance during such employee transitions. For instance, the new employee onboarding experience should be engaging and designed in such a way that it caters to the needs of the new employees in the best way possible. This will ensure the guaranteed success of your organization in the long run.


The first major transition that an employee faces is at the preboarding stage. This is when an employee accepts the offer but has not joined the office. This stage will last until the employee joins the office on the first day of work. The preboarding process is a part of the bigger and more important onboarding process. However, it is quite different from it and the challenges faced by HR professionals during the preboarding stage are also unique.


Onboarding is the procedure of helping the new employees adjust to the new job in terms of the work that they need to do and the team that they need to work with. So, this should provide the employee with the right experience. For instance, the pre onboarding stage should be completed efficiently. So, there should be training sessions to help them know more about the work and other social get-togethers should also take place to help them become friendly with the team that they work with. The onboarding process continues till the new employee settles into the role completely. During this process, the employee should be provided the opportunities to learn, understand the company’s values, build new connections, and also become an important part of the organization.


Crossboarding is a process that helps a team member move from one team in the organization to another to join a new role. This would include some processes of onboarding and some processes of offboarding also. This should help the employee get a seamless, convenient, and hassle-free moving experience from one team to another.

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