Develop New Employee Onboarding Packets Using These Four Elements

Develop New Employee Onboarding Packets Using These Four Elements

After completing the recruiting process choosing the final candidate and after the offer letter is signed, the candidate is now the newest employee of the organization. This is the precise moment when the preboarding process also commences. Effective collaboration amidst the stakeholders involved such as managers, IT and HR coordinators is essential for creating an engaging and efficient process.

An onboarding packet is a compilation of important benefits information, required documentation and engaging communications from the company . This onboarding packet is not the complete onboarding process; instead, it is a part of the overall holistic onboarding plan. The onboarding packet can be a very useful format to share dense information such as forms and benefit pamphlets with the employees. The goal of this packet is to be the pro-active resource hub for the employee during the pre-boarding process.

Each new employee welcome starter pack must have the following four elements:

  • Overview of benefits information

As we start new roles, one of the important aspects to consider is the choice of health insurance and other benefits offered by the company. Give the employee plenty of time ahead to read through the policies to make the right choice for them and the family. Sharing these documents several weeks prior to the start date and hosting webinars to assist answering questions can go a long way in helping employees make the most out of the benefits.

Forms and Documentation

The onboarding process involves many forms and documentation processes and it is legally required to get them completed on time. Documentation is often seen as a chore in the process and so the team can ease the process by sharing the required forms ahead of time so day 1 can be all about engagement and meaningful experiences.

Digitizing forms and documentation can simplify the process of back and forth to unify storage in a single point. Further, mobile compatibility can improve the user experience for employees who prefer to complete such tasks on their phone.

  • Orientation information

The third element that the welcome starter packet must include is orientation information and general information about the organization. Using an automated employee onboarding process makes it easy to transfer this information via short bite-sized messages over the course of the pre-boarding period. This can include various aspects such as agenda for day 1, office map, sign-in details, which entrance to use, lunch spots, gyms, parking information, and such.

  • Directory of key contacts

Your new hire welcome starter pack must include a directory of contacts of all the key contacts related to the employee. This is especially important to help the employee get connected with their new team members. Orchestrating a buddy program can go a long away in creating those delightful moments within the employee’s specific team.

Welcome starter packets used to involve a lot of physical forms and a lot of paper documents but today’s packets  are more engaging and efficient with the help of automated onboarding software which focuses on delivering the right information at the right time. 

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