Communicating Company Culture in the Onboarding Process

 Communicating Company Culture in the Onboarding Process

Every business organization, irrespective of its company size, has a company culture. And company culture includes various aspects of the business such as how the organization deals with its clients, how the employees think about their jobs, and how things are done. We can think of company culture as the water the fish swim in. The fish are generally aware of the water but it acts as a connector of the entire ecosystem.

Conveying your company’s culture via the employee onboarding process is a crucial yet often forgotten aspect. Over 58% of organizations say their onboarding is focused on tasks and forms. Helping the new employee feel engaged and welcomed at the job can have a great impact on employee morale in gaining certainty about seeing the company as a long term career partner.

Further, not defining this aspect of the onboarding process can lead to lack of a cohesive and aligned experience for larger organizations that have offices across many locations. Certain offices or teams might have differing levels of engagement in the onboarding process.

How can you achieve enhanced communication about company culture amongst your employees? There are a few steps you can take to ensure that what you preach and what you practice matches. 

  • Start early

We should think of the employee’s experience right from the first touchpoint they have had with the company as a hire. Since the onboarding process as an employee is just a segue to the recruiting process, it is always important that the employee has felt an understanding of your company culture from the start

This could be reflected in how accommodating and respectfully the interview process is designed and also how the stakeholders involve reflect cultural practices.

  • Let it shine

When it comes to company culture, make sure that your leaders believe in what the company stands for. For example, if your organization promotes creative thinking that boosts innovation, make sure that the leaders welcome new ideas with zeal and vigor. These aren’t mere words but tenets the organization lives by.

If your company stands for creativity and ownership, it should be reflected in how ideas are generated bottom-up by employees to leaders who listen. When the values of the company match with the behavior of its leaders, it creates a workforce who truly takes the values to heart.

Be creative

When we think company culture, it is always those moments where we are so immersed and engaged in a meaningful moment. As such moments are usually in-person interactions, it can seem challenging creating such moments in the preboarding phase. That’s where creativity comes in! Today, there are so many creative ways company culture can be given a spotlight. A quick example could include building highly novel and unique ways to deliver content such as these companies here with the best employee handbooks. Another trending idea is to have the employee’s favorite snacks at their desk on the first day.

  • Identify culture ambassadors

Make sure to identify culture ambassadors in your company. Culture ambassadors are employees that find a meaningful connection with  the company culture and believe in the values, vision, mission, and goals of the organization. 

Try to identify such employees, use the onboarding stages to shed light on their journeys and experiences with the company. Hearing from another fellow employee about the experience they’ve had with the company is a reassuring way to know that the right choice was made. Create newsletters or videos and other creative formats to share these stories.

Conveying company culture is one of the most tricky aspects to get right in the onboarding process. A creative and novel approach can open up novel technology that can be leveraged at scale.

At Squadsy, we are always looking for the best ways to enhance the new employee onboarding process to make the experience all about engagement. We work closely with HR professionals to come up with innovative and creative ways to improve their onboarding process holistically. Get in touch with our team to discuss the development of onboarding a little further!

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