Buddy Program for New Hires: Great Way to Enhance Onboarding

Buddy Program for New Hires: Great Way to Enhance Onboarding

We’ve all gone through the experience of starting a new role. It is often a confusing and awkward time for any new hire. But having a familiar face at the new office can drastically enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Statistics say that when a new hire has effective guidance at the office, they are 7 times more likely to be focused and engaged at work. And it sure seems like every organization’s goal to attain that level of employee engagement.

But how to go about ensuring each employee gets that level of guidance and make sure that the new hire gets a delightfully warm welcome when they start? The short answer is by implementing an efficient buddy program for new hires. Yes, that’s right! Teaming up a seasoned employee with the new hire via the buddy program will greatly enhance the onboarding experience of the new employee.

Buddy programs are meant to encourage friendships at the workplace along with a meaningful connection. This will help your organization achieve its set goals easily and quickly enhancing the overall employee engagement rate.

Who is a buddy?

Unlike mentors or managers, a buddy can be any seasoned employee at your organization who volunteers to team up with the new hire. A buddy will have a casual and informal relationship with the new employee that is entirely focused on introducing the new hire to the company processes and stakeholders across various teams.

The relationship between the buddy and the new hire will be built on the factors of trust and privacy providing support and comfort to the new hire. Creating such an environment can have tremendous results since the new hire will not be hesitant to ask any questions about the workplace and that acts as a catalyst for productivity.

What is the role of the buddy?

The role of the buddy is not focused on long-term employee development, instead, the relationship is more focused on short-term results such as familiarity with processes, general office-related questions. This ensures that the manager-employee time is saved for crucial long-term career questions and discussions.

Another feature of the buddy role is to share socially-focused, useful information with the new hire. This includes:

  • Accessing various printing and copying equipment across the office

  • The closest pharmacy for medical emergencies

  •  Kitchen amenities

  •  Office access hours during the weekend

  • Great lunch spots around the office

  • About volunteering and fun events outside the office

The buddy program, ensures that the new hire can easily acclimatize to the office culture and feel welcome at their workplace and team.

So, if your organization is struggling to keep new employees long term, introducing a buddy program can greatly enhance the overall experience. The minimum time a buddy program should be carried out is at least 3 months.

This will ensure closer bonding of the new hire and the buddy, in turn, increasing employee engagement at the organization. Looking to learn more about the buddy program? you might want to take a look at our 4 step guide implementing a buddy system

At Squadsy, we are always glad to help HR professionals by providing new techniques and strategies that increase overall employee retention in the long run. Apart from helpful guides and pointers, we have also developed an advanced and robust employee onboarding software that will help you efficiently onboard new employees and cross-board existing employees.

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