An Effective Strategy to Tackle and Implement Employee Onboarding Process

An Effective Strategy to Tackle and Implement Employee Onboarding Process

If you think that an employee onboarding process is completely centered around transactional activities, filling out forms, and submitting documents, then you are mistaken! Nowadays, the HR industry’s vision for employee onboarding process is more than just that. Onboarding is no longer seen as an event but a holistic process that encompasses multiple stakeholders collaborating to. 

Of course, it might seem overwhelming since there are so many different elements to tackle, it might be difficult to manage everything. Having a structured onboarding can help tackle this challenge. Let’s take a look at this effective strategy!

  • Distribute the onboarding across days

Don’t think that the onboarding process can be finished in just one day. That will result in information overload and a negative onboarding experience. You certainly don’t want that!

So, to ensure that the process is effective, make sure to distribute it across days, weeks, or months, if necessary.

  • Follow the “COAT” approach

Let’s explain to you in brief what this “COAT” approach is. This approach consists of all the relevant elements that need to be transferred to the new employee.

1.      Culture: This includes providing the new candidate with information related to company values, mission, vision, goals, and overall culture.

2.      Objectives: This includes ensuring that the candidate knows his/her job role perfectly. They must know the expectations of the role.

3.      Administration: This will include finishing up all the paperwork, forms, documentation that ensure that the onboarding system is in the process effectively.

4.      Team: This will include introductions with their team and peers effectively making them feel part of the team from the first day.

You can distribute this approach over days. You can read our previous blogs on how to distribute your onboarding process over days effectively.

  • Use cloud-based onboarding software

Gone are the days when you would complete the onboarding process manually. With the start of the pandemic and subsequent remote working, the need for cloud-based onboarding software has increased.

And it’s not just the ease of use but also getting several efficient ways to implement the onboarding process immediately. With automated onboarding software, you can personalize, improve and track the onboarding process effectively.

The information can be delivered in bite-sized packages making it easier to comprehend. It also allows the candidate to fulfill the required onboarding paperwork easily anytime anywhere. This will dramatically improve the quality of the overall onboarding process at any organization.

Following this strategic approach for effective onboarding will certainly prove to be beneficial for any organization. At Squadsy, we are in constant conversation with HR professionals on how to make the process better.. Get in touch with us to learn more! 

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