A Simple Guide for Finding the Right Automated Onboarding Software

Automated Onboarding Software

Employee retention, one of the biggest challenges for HR professionals around the world. With remote working, the frequency of employees leaving their jobs to work on their passion project has become more frequent. Hence, finding new hires and increasing overall employee retention is tough.

However, with several automated onboarding software on the market, HR professionals can look forward to streamlining their onboarding process. This can greatly enhance employee retention.

But choosing the right automated onboarding software is a crucial step. The right software can give you spectacular results over time. Here’s what you should look for when getting automated onboarding software.

  • Experienced-based software

Choose software that gives you experienced-based results. This means that the software must be “proactive” and must put emphasis on the candidate’s journey from start to finish. The software must focus on the very first day of the new hire when they have signed the contract up to their successful integration in the company.

  • Specs and Techs

There are 4 important things when it comes to “Specs and Techs” of onboarding automation software.

1.     Intuitive and easy-to-use software: The software must be easy-to-use. If it’s complicated, adoption will be challenging.  2.     Applicant tracking system integration: So, you have created a procedure for new hire onboarding. If you choose to add automated onboarding software to this process, it must integrate with other aspects of the project easily.

3.     Cloud-based and mobile responsive: Automated onboarding software must be cloud-based so that it can be accessed anytime anywhere. Moreover, it must be mobile-responsive making it easier for new hires to access it through their smartphones.

4.     Customer support: Make sure the service provider gives excellent customer support and has worked with businesses your scale. This will make it easier for them to tackle any issues you encounter.

  • Features

The automated onboarding system must have the following 4 important features:

1.     Customization: The onboarding software must have customization features that allow you to showcase your brand story effectively.

2.     Measuring success: The automated software must record crucial learnings along with positive and negative measurements from the new hire journey. This allows you to improve your onboarding process and ensure success.

3.     Timed content: You don’t want your new hires to feel overwhelmed with so much information. Instead, you want them to move step-by-step. Hence, timed content and push notifications are a must. The software must provide these features.

4.     Manage diverse users: The automated onboarding software must assist you in managing diverse users across different departments and locations.

Right onboarding software can be elemental to your overall onboarding process. At Squadsy, we understand this need and thus provide robust automated onboarding software. Check our website now to know more. 

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