6 Employee Personalities You Might Encounter in Post-COVID Reboarding

new hire onboarding experience

As an organization, you might be well aware that creating an excellent new hire onboarding experience is crucial for retention.

But what about bringing back your former employees? Whether you are calling them back post-COVID or rehiring them, onboarding them back is crucial too. More precisely, reboarding your former employees will ensure that their goals align with the organization effectively.

In the blog post, let’s talk about reboarding employees post-COVID. Now, this can be difficult and will bring new challenges for you. Most importantly, you need to tackle their fears, expectations, and anxieties.

Your employees have been working from home for more than a year now. So, there will be a change in attitude. Here are six types of employee personalities you might encounter while reboarding post-COVID.

  • The Excited One

Now, the excited employee just wants to get back to their office and meet their team after such a long time. This employee will be filled with immense positivity.

And that’s where you need to capitalize on. The excited employee’s positivity will help you spread positive vibes in the office amongst the team. Use it wisely!

  • The Fearful One

COVID has scared everyone around the world. And the fearful employee is a perfect example of that. This one is still scared to get back between people and worries about the health and safety of their family and friends.

How can you reduce their fear? Let them know about all the safety guidelines and protocols followed by the organization. Ensure them that the company is taking all the required measures to keep them safe.

  • The Frustrated One

So, you had to lay off this employee due to budget cuts during the lockdown. But you want them back. However, they are frustrated with the whole jobless and stay-at-home situation. You need to win them back!

Make sure to use clear communication and empathy to convey that they are still valued at the organization. Although they need to go through a quick employee onboarding process, they are welcomed back to the organization with warmth!

  • Employees who prefer WFH  

Absolutely not happy to come back to the office! The gloomy one liked to work from home. Maybe they liked the flexibility or they liked to spend time with their family and friends. Hence, they are not so thrilled!

You need to reboard this employee by reminding them why they are an asset to your organization. 

The Hopeful One

Well, they are neither too happy nor too sad to come back to the office. They are just hoping that everything will get back to normal.

However, you can use this opportunity to turn the hopeful one into the excited employee. Try to exceed their expectations and show them that you have got a lot to offer to them.

  • The Jobseeker

So, during the lockdown, this employee decided that it was time for them to switch jobs. Maybe they want to find new opportunities or maybe they are just dissatisfied.

In any case, you need to talk to them to understand their decision to switch. or just ignore them. (Psst… Ignoring them is not a great move!)

Reboarding each employee post-COVID will need you to find ways to handle their specific needs, fears, and anxieties. And automated onboarding, reboarding, and pre-onboarding software can greatly help you.

At Squadsy, we are constantly looking for new ways that enhance the overall onboarding experience of employees across organizations. Get in touch with us now to know more.

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