4 Essential Features to Add to your Company’s New Employee Onboarding Program

4 Essential Features to Add to your Company’s New Employee Onboarding Program

Is your business organization considering investing in employee onboarding? Like many organizations, there might be hesitance and a need to determine whether it is worth the investment. Recent onboarding program statistics will certainly clear all your doubts and help you solidify your decision.

A recent study conducted by Glassdoor states that the effective new hire onboarding programs will increase employee retention by 82% and productivity by 70%. Also, a study conducted by Digitate states that one in five new hires will likely not recommend your organization to others due to the inefficient onboarding process.

Implementing an effective onboarding program is important to retain your employee's long term and enhance their productivity. Moreover, if you’re seeking to increase employee ambassadors, the onboarding process will certainly play a major role in it.

As you get started on your onboarding journey,  here are five aspects that an onboarding program could leverage for higher effectiveness.

  • Connection with Team

Since human beings are social, most of our learning about organizational culture occurs through meaningful exchanges between coworkers. To connect the new hire with their team proactively, prompt team managers to give a call to welcome their new team member right after they accept the offer. It sets a precedent for the importance given to employee engagement by the company. Further on after the employee starts, a buddy can be assigned by the team manager to help the employee understand processes and meet the right stakeholders. An onboarding program focusing on engaging employees can go a long way in retaining them long term

  • Mobile Optimization

The era of the smartphone has taken over the past few decades. Nowadays, most content is consumed over devices such as smartphones. Ensuring that onboarding content is optimized to be displayed for all devices ensures that employee engagement opportunities are not missed due to technical reasons. Moreover, if cumbersome tasks such as onboarding tasks are made available on multiple devices, they can be completed with ease. 

  • Enhanced Reporting

After implementing changes to the onboarding program, your organization might seek to understand how effective these changes were in improving the quality of the employee’s experience. Leveraging reporting helps get a quantitative picture of the impact of onboarding. Reporting helps teams understand which content resonates most with employees and help them iterate on improving content over time. Enhanced reporting can play a crucial role in helping HR teams build a mechanism to measure the ROI of onboarding which is one of the most challenging problems currently.


The three important aspects shared above guide teams to make changes towards effective onboarding. For the next steps, your team might seek various ways to implement the ideas in a concrete way. Our team at Squadsy can give you the right tools to improve your onboarding program and realize the long term results in improving your company’s employee retention. Get in touch with our team to know more and get early access!

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