2-Step Onboarding Process to Speed Up New Employee Integration

employee onboarding process

The pandemic doesn’t seem to end for now! There are even reports where some governments are planning on enforcing a lockdown yet again to maintain health and safety.

In such a case, there will be a sudden need for essential workers similar to the start of the pandemic. If your organization provides essential services, you need to speed and scale up your hiring process.

One of the crucial elements of the hiring process that gets missed during speed recruitment is the employee onboarding process. No matter whether it is slow hiring season or speed recruitment to fill the spots, the onboarding process must be implemented.

However, with a lack of time, you might think of skipping it. But don’t worry! We will give you a quick, 2-step onboarding process. This process will not take much time; however, it will help you make your new hires feel valued and seamlessly integrated.

  • Start with preboarding

Most companies don’t emphasize pre onboarding. However, during the immediate recruitment process, you can leverage pre-boarding strategies to ensure efficient hiring.

Your preboarding will include two types of information, emotional and operational.

1.     Emotional information

In the preboarding package, you must give emotional information such as company culture, contacts of key people in the organization, and more. If you have a buddy system, you must introduce the buddy during this preboarding information package. You can also include a short welcome message from the team manager. Also, you can give them some promotional things.

2.     Operational information

In the preboarding package, give them all the operational information that will make it easy for them to start working immediately. This must include a quick and easy schedule for their first day. This must include all the company policies and guidelines such as social media guidelines. Also, let them know all the Covid-19 guidelines you are following.

You can give them this preboarding package either on the very first day of their joining or during the first month.

  • Make employee empowerment and essential learning a priority!

Now, usually during a slow recruitment process, you can provide all the required information over 3 months. You can provide them with information slowly and steadily.

However, during speed recruitment at such unprecedented times, you can drip-feed the information. Hence, out of everything you want your new hire to know, you need to prioritize employee empowerment and essential learning. This will help your new hires to take major decisions early in their journey.

This process will heavily rely on trust, transparency, and training between your managers and new hires.

Final Takeaway

The 2-step process will ensure that your new hires feel comfortable in their job role quickly.

You might also want to use the automated onboarding software provided by us at Squadsy. Our team is consistently looking at enhancing the overall onboarding system for organizations of all industrial sectors and sizes.

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